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Politician Greeting Children

Why the Hispanic Focus NSPME 2024?


Why the Hispanic Focus?

With an estimated population of 21 million, Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the population, yet they have one of the lowest voter participation rates. Only two-fifths of eligible Latinos register to vote, and less than half of these registrants show up at the polls. A targeted campaign designed to attract Hispanic youth and children and train them to participate in the political process from an early age is needed to reverse these alarming trends.

What is the Mock Election Doing to Attract Hispanics?

The Mock Election is launching a comprehensive campaign that includes several exciting components.

Hispanic Curriculum Study Group

With participation from the Secretaries of the States of Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Delaware and faculty of the University of Arizona's Mexican American Studies Program, the Mock Election's national staff are developing targeted curriculum materials for K 12



¡Cuentame! plays with the multiple connotations of this Spanish phrase to evoke personal accountability and pride in being counted on and counted in. This innovative bilingual curriculum builds interest in the rich heritage of Hispanics in America, fosters intergenerational teaching and learning, and promotes multicultural understanding. It will be supported by a national media campaign, involving Latino celebrities.

Roberto Clemente High School Project

With the strong support from Chicago's Mayor and the CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, the Mock Election expects 100 percent participation from the city's schools. Roberto Clemente High School on the city's west side has a diverse student body that includes Hispanics from many backgrounds. It will be a pilot site for testing the ¡Cuentame! high school curriculum and the location of a nationally sponsored model Mock Election program to be featured in election day broadcasts.

Election Central in San Juan, Puerto Rico

For the first time in Mock Election history, Election Central will be located in a U.S. territory, emphasizing the project's international character. Mock Election is for all American students-whether who live in states, territories, or U.S. bases abroad. Strong corporate, government, and media partnerships in Puerto Rico will bring Latin flair to Election Day celebrations in San Juan with live feeds from other sites around the country.

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