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The nation’s oldest, largest, and most successful voter education project...

What is the National Student/Parent Mock Election?

The National Student/Parent Mock Election makes students and parents aware of the power of their ballot by actively involving them in a full-fledged campaign and national election. In the last two presidential election years alone, over 10 million students, parents, and teachers participated in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and 14 countries/territories around the world where Americans are based. Over 76 million have participated since the project began. The National Student/Parent Mock Election is a non-profit, non-partisan organization.


Mock Election Day October 30, 2024

The National Student/Parent Mock Election has put millions of dollars worth of free voter education materials into the schools through its past partnership with McGraw-Hill, The New York Times, and TIME Magazine. CNN Studios in Atlanta served as National Election Headquarters in the last two presidential election years. A CNN webcast in which students from all across the country and around the world discussed national issues was held in conjunction with the broadcast of the 2000 Mock Election. The webcast had twice the number of hits of any previous webcast on CNN.


The National Student/Parent Mock Election is run by a national network of volunteer state and school district coordinators ranging from the League of Women Voters to educators, public officials, newspaper-in-education coordinators, etc., who have put hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours into the project.

There is never any charge to participate in the National Student/Parent Mock Election. There is never any charge for curriculum materials. Every American student and parent are invited to join

"...without a doubt one of the most organized and beneficial events I have attended in my 28 years as an educator...Those of us participating will be able to help instill in our students the feelings of patriotism and the privileges and responsibilities they have as potential voters and leaders of tomorrow."

Nan Barber, High School Teacher

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