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What Is the Mock Election Planning for the 2016 Election?

The 2016 Mock Election will take place on November 3. We will establish guidelines and provide assistance for more student-led civic engagement projects. The 2016 emphasis for these projects will be on the ethics of democracy as a personal responsibility of every American. We are determined to provide greater awareness of our national awards, given in recognition of outstanding Mock Election programs, through the distribution of newsletters to schools and to expand the award program.

We will also further develop our mass media relationships to increase awareness of the Mock Election in local communities. We are working with the National Association of Broadcasters and their 8,300 television and radio stations, inviting communities to participate with us. Our 2016 strategy will also include tapping into Internet communities such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to make our ethics program and curriculum readily available to the educators who influence American youth.

For more information please contact us.

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