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Frequently Asked Questions About the National Student/Parent Mock Election

Who Can Participate?

Any American classroom, school, or district that enrolls -- and their parents.

Who Benefits from the NSPME?

The National Student/Parent Mock election makes it possible for students, parents, and teachers to have a voice that will be heard 5 days before the actual election. Students benefit from learning about voting and democracy; teachers benefit by having a meaningful experience to help them teach civics and government.

Why Get Involved?

The National Student/Parent Mock Election is a great way to prepare youngsters to be active American citizens. It helps illuminate the process of democracy, offers educators a chance to teach about many parts of our government and political process, and has proven to help youngsters be more reliable voters when they become adults.

The NSPME can fit into a classroom's regular curriculum, and can also be a way to fill a void of civics education for those classrooms and schools that have eliminated civics and government studies from their curriculum.

In addition, Japanese educators have sent teams to observe "National Election Headquarters" for 4 years in a row in hopes of starting a Mock Election in Japan. American children are energized and involved and discuss candidates, processes, and issues under the guidance of their teachers.

How Can I Become a State or School District Coordinator?

Our volunteer coordinators "get the word out and the votes in". Past coordinators have included public officials, social studies, educators, PTA leaders, colleges, State Departments of Education, and more. If you would like to know if a coordinator is needed in your state or district, please contact us.

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