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Mock Election 2016
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Dear professor:

As you will recall, four years ago (2012), a couple of days before the official elections, the Instituto de Formación Democrática, affiliate and representative in Latin America of the National Student/Parent Mock Election, held its XIV Mock Election. More than 400,000 children between 6 to 18 years of age, from both private and public institutions, participated in the Mock Election in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican communities in the Continental United States, and the United States Virgin Islands. Local newspapers immediately published the results the next day on their front covers and on Mock Election night on a special live TV program through local Channels and radio stations.

This educational exercise was part of the National Student/Parent Mock Election. More than 10 million students from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands went to the polls on Mock Election Night. That night, CNN/C-SPAN transmitted its live coverage of the event in a two-hour special to the world, in coordination with our live coverage in Puerto Rico.

More than 3,200,000 students have voted and learned the inside scoop about elections and democracy in Puerto Rico alone since our foundation in 1991. After fourteen Mock Elections, we are proud to say that we have shaped a new generation of voters to become better Puerto Ricans. In the United States, over 50 million students have been trained by the National Student/Parent Mock Election on how to be better citizens. Together, the IFD and NSPME work hard to insure that democracy is taught, learned, protected and strengthened for future generations to come.

Out of this civic education operation, we have managed the Latin American outreach with events in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, and in the Continental United States in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and now Florida. Our civic education experts also bring you the named programs of La Juventud Habla, Participación Ciudadana, Teen Voices of Democracy, Youth Citizen Journalist Network, Practice Your Vote, Mock Your Vote, Ensaya Tu Voto, and the National Issues Forum.

Along with the mid-term elections that will be conducted nationwide on next month, the Instituto de Formación Democrática will celebrate its XV Mock Election with the student population on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The US Virgin Islands’ Mock Election will be held on Monday, October 31, 2016. The Florida Mock Election will be held on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

Seminars on how to conduct the Mock Election in your school will be offered throughout the island. The place and time of the seminars will be posted in local newspapers, TV and radio stations, and this Web site in the upcoming weeks. Directors, principals and teachers interested in participating need to register with the IFD to reserve their space.

Our programs are exclusively educational in nature. Our goal is to educate the young on the importance of democracy and the right to vote, by empowering students with the adequate tools to make responsible and informed decisions in the electoral process. Therefore, our emphasis is stressed on the event not the result. Only the island wide results will be published, not by individual schools.

We appreciate your continuous cooperation with the IFD. We will provide all the materials needed for the upcoming X Mock Election through local newspapers, TV and radio stations, and the Internet. You can also download election materials at mockelectionpr.com, lajuventudhabla.com, teenvoicesofdemocracy.com, and nationalmockelection.com. So keep coming to this Web site for details.

You can reach us at 787-273-6724, 787-530-7575, 787-296-9768, or by fax at 787-793-0250, 787-720-6841, 787-720-1092, or by e-mail: register@mockelectionpr.com.


Ramón Barquín III
Oscar Cucurullo

A Brief History, Students Get Voice In Mock Election 2020
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